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If you have a cat(s) and wonder how you can save your furniture, here is a solution that really works. The Practical Cat
practical cat logo We do not typically put up business links however this person is also a cat rescue person who does superb work and has developed these products for cats. Your purchase will help support her rescue work. Thank you for your support.

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Fern The highly trained sales kitty says "Please buy raffle tickets to support WAG. PS: I am available for adoption. Raffle kitty

Featured Pet: RORY
He happily (he's only part Pekinese) jumped into the volunteer's SUV and had a great time on his ride to his foster home. He walked right into the house and plunked himself down in the kitchen. When his foster wanted to read, Rory jumped into the recliner and snuggled in. When it was time for a walk, he was ready to go, and was great with the neighbor's dog while they went for a walk together. This easy-going teddy bear of a dog is the epitome of the "instant dog:" you provide the love and make him part of the family (and a few treats wouldn't hurt), and it will seem as if he's always been there. He's good with all people, but we don't know how he is with cats yet.

call 603-529-5443 or email. New Hampshire only.

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Our Mission:
WAG is dedicated to providing humane care and shelter for abandoned, abused and unwanted animals, finding them suitable new homes, and increasing public awareness on the responsibilities of pet ownership.


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