Boris doesn't look like a cat so much as a lion-colored teddy bear. We suspect that this angora is a Persian cross because of his wide, adorable baby face and beautiful coat. And, like a teddy bear, Boris doesn't care if he's carried everywhere: this is a very cuddly cat. He thinks laps are his personal warm places to snuggle, and you could pet him all day, as you can tell from the loud purr that erupts every time you come near. As sweet as he is, Boris also has a touch-just a touch-of Persian "attitude," so he is especially appealing and entertaining. This year-old rescue is very playful-you'll have to request "paper" at the market every time because he loves to play in paper bags, and the only other problem he has is fitting his massive double paws inside a cat track! He manages, however, and loves to play with you. Boris gets along with selected cats. He could live with a dog who would ignore him and would be fine with older kids. And his gorgeous coat does need occasional grooming.

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